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Benefits of White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

, Benefits of White Hat vs Black Hat SEO, New World SEO

Benefits of White Hat vs. Black Hat SEO

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A "white hat SEO" technique has been at the forefront of Internet marketing for quite some time. Recently, however, I have been hearing much more about the benefits of "black hat" SEO. Why are so many webmasters complaining about this? What can they learn from those who don't employ black hat tactics?

The first and most obvious reason why these types of Web sites complain is that they are "all talk and no action." Those in the know say that black hat SEO methods are designed to get one to click on a link and then they get their site listed in the search engines for Google and Yahoo. The methods take advantage of loopholes in the AdSense program and do a lot of back linking. What they don't tell you is that once they have your site listed, the linking only continues until you become a spammer.

Why would anyone want to make money using Google and Yahoo if they're going to get all their links pulled because someone complained? Most people, especially those that were caught in the recent black hat gambit were thinking, "How am I going to be able to pay my bills?" Obviously, the solution was going to be to find another way to promote the business.

The second reason why you should avoid the strategies suggested by those that advocate black hat techniques is that they're just plain wrong. If you think for one minute that AdSense sites aren't going to get targeted traffic, you have not been paying attention. Even if you don't buy into the AdSense concept, you can't deny that Google is a big traffic game changer.

The best way to get traffic to your site is to use keywords and phrases that will generate targeted traffic to your search engine optimized site. For instance, the phrase "the best survival products" is going to get more traffic than the phrase "survival tools." So, where are the business benefits of "black hat" SEO? Well, the AdSense ads are so much more targeted.

You don't have to worry about link building anymore. Google knows exactly what to do with your link. There is nothing illegal or unethical involved when a link to your website is submitted to the correct sites.

Some search engine optimization companies will tell you that the rules are different on certain sites. The truth is that the rules on AdSense sites are pretty consistent with those on other sites. It's just that some webmasters feel that they can circumvent the rules in an unethical manner.

Even the best SEOs are not perfect when it comes to search engine optimization. It's completely possible that your site could be penalized for something that you did not actually do.

The third reason why you should avoid those that promote black hat tactics is that the benefits of taking the route recommended by those that recommend these tactics are just not worth the effort. A lot of these techniques can be found online.

The only thing that you will miss out on when you use the "white hat" SEO techniques is the experience and knowledge that can come from a year or two of experience and expertise. The white hat SEO techniques work very well and provide a very good return on investment. The difference between white hat and black hat SEO is basically a matter of learning from experience.

If you want to see if something works and gain the confidence that comes with being able to do a search without Google, then I highly recommend using a Google Test. It will only take a few minutes and help you learn about keywords and techniques before you use them in real life.

"WhiteHat SEO" is a term that relates to a service, not an approach to search engine optimization. It is by far the most effective way to promote a site and is the best way to build a business around Internet marketing.

Steven Cavan